Personal Burrito Bowl

Time: 30 Min or less   Serves: 1

Ingrediants;                                                                                      -1/2 c of rice of choice (if making rice from scratch it will take longer -- I like to use wild long grain rice)                      -1/4 c black beans                                                                                -1/4 c corn                                                                                              -1/3 c bell pepper                                                                                -1/2 ripe avocado                                                                                -salsa of choice                                                                                   Optional: top bowl with lightly crushed corn chips (if you like a variety of texture!)

I absolutely love Mexican food... always have, always will!

One summer night, I was really craving Mexican food. The problem was, we did not have much to work with in my house besides leftovers. I threw a bunch of foods from my fridge in a bowl, heated it up, and drizzled salsa on it... and suddenly, the burrito bowl was born! This is a really fun recipe to play around with, so feel free to make adjustments with whatever you have on hand!

1.)  Cook rice as directed. If using premade/leftover rice, microwave as directed.

2.) Warm beans and corn in a bowl.

3.) Chop bell pepper into bite-size pieces. You can cook the bell pepper if you would like, but I enjoy the crunch with this dish.

4.) Slice avocado into strips.

5.) Assemble all of the preppared ingrediants into a bowl, and drizzle with salsa. 

6.) Enjoy! ♡