August; the month of the mysterious tomato eclipse... Wait, what? 

These ombre-black tomatoes started appearing in our garden early in the month and we did not understand why... Must have been mother nature's way of warning us about the upcoming eclipse. It is interesting, because like the moon (here in NJ), these tomatoes did not grow to be entirely dark; there is still a sliver of color remaining.


My mom and I spent the day in our favorite place, Woodstock. There is something so special about this town.. the atmosphere is so welcoming and the energy is really positive.

Last time we went here, we ate at this cute vegan resteraunt called the Garden Cafe. We ended up loving it so much that we came back just to try the other stuff on the menu! I was feeling bold, so I got the Indian Enchilada (and my mom got a really tasty panini). It was stuffed with red lentils, potatoes, cauliflower, peas, and a bunch of other veggies.. and it was covered with a tomato-coconut cream sauce and drizzled with vegan sour cream. SO GOOD! It also came with curried apples with coconut sprinkled on top.. such a unique flavor. Pretty sure I experienced a food coma after this meal (like I did last time!).

There needs to be more places like this in the world, to help prove that eating healthy can be delicious AND rewarding.


Happy new year everyone! May 2018 be our healthiest, happiest year yet.

I took a moment this morning and wrote down my goals and intentions for 2018. I find that when I write something down on paper, I am more likely to remember it or achieve it. When I finished my list, I hung it up on my wall in my room... So everyday when I open my door, I am reminded to keep going and to fulfill my resolutions.

I hope that my list gives you inspiration to do the same, and to really think about what you want to achieve this year. Step out of your comfort zone, dream big, strive for greatness, and stay motivated!


So... why Green Butterfly??

My approach at making a name for my website was to combine things that were symbolic to me. After many bizzare combinations, Green Butterfly stuck! I picked green because I feel that it is a very relavent color in my life; I am promoting eating green, going green, plus it's my favorite color, and the color of my eyes. I picked butterfly because I have always admired them, and they are the symbol for Lupus. They also represent change and growth; two reacurring themes in my life.


I call this one, the calm after  the storm.

On Saturday March 3rd, I hosted a health-feast for my community. I got to share my delicious, plant-based creations with everyone and educate them on the importance of good nutrition. I also collected healthy donations for my local food pantry! From decadent butternut squash mac & cheese to carrot cake cupcakes with cashew cream frosting, I made all of my favorite recipes for everyone to try. People also brought their own tasty dishes to share, like a tangy asian-slaw and fudgey black bean brownies.

Although my dinner went awesome in the end, there were many  obstacles that I faced prior to the event. Between the power and internet going out 2 days before (due to the huge snow storm) and the sudden change in venue right before the event, I had to get pretty creative and problem solve. I made food for about 30 people with just a toaster oven, a hot plate, and the warmth of our fire place. Despite the challenges I faced, I was able to pull it off successfully with the help of my family, friends, and a great back-up facility. My dinner was a hit, and since many other people were out of power, too, I got to share a big, healthy meal with my town in a time of need!

Below is the link to my slideshow that I shared the   night of my dinner, feel free     to watch it!