Baked Potato Chips

Time: 30 min      Serves: 6

Ingrediants;                                                                                                     -4 small/medium potoes sliced                                                       -1/2-1 tbsp olive oil                                                                                       -Seasoning options: salt, pepper, nutritional yeast, paprika, rosemary, onion & garlic salt

This is the perfect snack for when you are craving something bad.. but don't want to be bad! This recipe is also super versatile; you can alter it and use your favorite type of potato, like sweet potatoes! Skip the fried, processed, overly-fatty potato chips, and say hello to your new favorite salty snack! 

1. Preheat oven to  400 degrees.

2. Using a slicing device (electric/manual mandoline or sharp knife), slice potato into thin, even coins. **

3. In a large mixing bowl, add the sliced potatoes and oil. Combine gently, until the oil is distributed.

4. Add desired seasonings and combine gently.

5. Lay potato slices closely together on a pan lined with parchment paper (you will need more than 1 pan). Optional: sprinkle additional seasonings over the potato slices for extra flavor

6. Check your chips every 10 minutes (depending on oven and how thick your potato chips are), and cook until they are golden brown and no longer soft.

7. Enjoy! ♡

** I recomend using some sort of electric chopper/mandoline to cut your potato, so that all of your chips will be even in thickness. Having them all the same thickness is very important; this will ensure that all of your chips cook evenely and wont burn/be undercooked.